Assignment 1 (Communication skills for leaders BSL 4040)

This unit includes two assignments, which work together so you can define communication, describe the communication principles, and the major communication skill sets. 
In this assignment, create a collage from pictures or drawings that model the five key communication principles chart found on Figure 1.2 on page 11 of your textbook. The five communication principles include Aware, Verbal, Nonverbal, Listen, and Adapt. Free resources for the collage are available at,, or Word Document. You may also create your own images or pictures.
Assignment 2 BSL 4040
In the second part of your assignment, for each of the five communication principles, provide a short written statement for each principle and why it is important. Each statement should be 75 words or less for a total of 375 words or less. In each statement, include a real-life example (personal or professional) where you have used or experienced that principle. Indicate which of the three communication skills from the Figure 1.2 was, or was not, used successfully in your real-life example.
(BSL 4080) creative thinking and problem solving
(200 words) A manufacturing facility has recently implemented a multimillion-dollar renovation and process redesign. Unfortunately, the plant is failing to produce at the level envisioned by leadership, who approved the expenditure and process changes. Continued failure to make the required production levels could result in lost jobs and eventual plant closure. Analyze this scenario by: [Learning Outcome 1.2]

Identifying the problem or issue, and communicate whether it is a problem or issue.
Providing potential underlying reasons for the issue or problem.
Applying critical thinking and suggest appropriate, creative solutions or approaches to the problem or issue.

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