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3.3 Written Assignment #3: Framing Your Topic
Make sure you have thoroughly read the assigned articles in your lesson. Then address the following:

How much consideration have you given to how issues are “framed”? Identify an issue — inside or outside of early childhood education — where your position changed, or at least you questioned your position – based on how the issue was framed. This isn’t for me to evaluate your position on the issue, but for you to reflect about how framing has impacted you.
Identify 3 things in the readings that were new information/ideas for you (unless you have been involved in framing before, I think there will be some thoughts in here that are new).
Why is framing an important part of the early childhood advocacy process? 

I would expect a minimum of a paragraph (and more than a 3-sentence paragraph) for each question. Be thoughtful, be thorough. Clearly address each question. Recognize that this section should be helping you think about framing your own advocacy project topic.

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