Part One:  How does Ludwig Tieck’s “The Fair-Haired Eckbert” destabilize meaning (what we know and how we know)?
                  Remember: you must have a thesis statement!
                  Essay length for Part One: 1200-1300 words
Note: these are strict minimum and maximum word counts! Word count does not include header, title, Works Cited, or Acknowledgments!!
You must have an Acknowledgments statement and a Works Cited list! If you get outside help from the Writing Center or use Grammarly, be sure to indicate this in the Acknowledgments statement. 
Part Two:  Identify two problem areas in your writing in Essay One, and explain how you have worked on correcting these problems in Essay Two.  For example, if you had trouble formulating good topic sentences, identify this as a problem area, then explain how you have worked on this by briefly discussing your topic sentences. Part Two should be one or two short paragraphs (perhaps 2-3 sentences for each “problem area”)

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