Determine what is wrong with the following sentences in a letter of application. Rewrite them to eliminate any mistakes, to focus on the “you attitude,” or to make them more precise. Please read page 280 to page 288.
a.  Even though I have very little actual job experience, I can make up for it in enthusiasm.
b.  My qualifications will prove that I am the best person for your job.
c.  I would enjoy working with your other employees.
d.  This email résumé is my application for any job you now have open or  expect to fill in the near future.
e.  Next month, my family and I will be moving to Detroit, and I must get a job in the area. Will you have anything open?
f.  If you are interested in me, then I hope that we make some type of arrangements to interview each other soon.
g.  I have not included a résumé because all pertinent information about me is in this letter.
h.  My GPA is only 2.5, but I did make two B’s in my last term.
i.  I hope to take state boards soon.
j.  Your company, or so I have heard through the grapevine, has excellent fringe ben-efits. That is what I care about most, so I am applying for any position that you may advertise.
k.  I am writing to ask you to kindly consider whether I would be a qualified person for the position you announced in the newspaper.
l.  I have made plans to further my education.
m.  My résumé speaks for itself.
n.  I could not possibly accept a position that required weekend work, and night work is out, too.
o.  In my own estimation, I am a go-getter—an eager beaver, so to speak.
p.  My last employer was dead wrong when he let me go. I think he regrets it now.
q.  When you want to arrange an interview time, give me a call. I am home every afternoon after 4:00.

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