Week 4 Assignment: Human-caused Environmental Issues – Website Recommendation Blog
Part 1: Initial Blog Post on a Human-caused Environmental Issue
After completing this week’s reading assignment (Chapters 30, 31 & 32), select a human-caused environmental issue (for example, climate change, species extinction, etc.) and research it further. Find a reliable, useful website that discusses the human impacts to the environment caused by this issue.   No duplicate websites are permitted. [NOTE: Neither open resources nor open blogs can be used as sources of information; see ‘Researching Information’ within the class for more information on appropriate credible/reliable sources of information]. 

This is not an opinion assignment; therefore information presented about the Human-caused Environmental Issue must be supported by reliable academic resources (facts supported by research).  
[Not citing a specific reliable academic/scientific resource is an automatic 10 point deduction]. 
Share the website with the class by writing a full paragraph summary (150 words minimum) of what you have learned or have found particularly helpful when reviewing the website.  Do not copy and paste directly from the website. This blog should be written in your own words.   Any content and paraphrased information from the resource (URL) must be properly cited per APA including the specific URL (website) you are recommending. The initial blog post must be directly posted in the classroom; please do not upload a Word document only.

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