A law firm has hired you as the forensic accountant to prepare a calculation of economic damages due to the injury that Jane sustained.
1. Despite Jane Doe’s injury, she expects to continue working until the age of 65. Your objective is to calculate the economic damages that Jane Doe will experience over her work-life expectancy (age 65) due to lost wages and benefits
2. Published statistics illustrate that Jane Doe’s life expectancy, based on her age and education, is 85 years of age.
3. As a result of Jane Doe’s injury, she can no longer perform household services. Legal counsel has asked you to calculate the amount of economic damages needed to replace the loss of household services over Jane Doe’s remaining life expectancy
4. Jane Doe’s trial date is scheduled on the two-year anniversary of her injury. Economic damages calculated from that date forward will need to be discounted to present value

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