Essay #3: Pandemic
The purpose of this second major essay is to synthesize information and narrative about two different pandemics, one hundred years apart, into one analysis of what these two pandemics have in common.
To do this, you will use the following:

Katherine Anne Porter’s “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” 
One source on the 1918 influenza pandemic(choose one):

 Fiona Lowenstein’s article, “My coronavirus survivor group is my most important medical support right now ”
Joe Pinsker’s “How the Pandemic Has Changed Us Already” .
David Tarrant’s “Lessons from the past: How the deadly second wave of the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ caught Dallas and the U.S. by surprise” .

One reliable source (TRAAP tested (Links to an external site.)) on the current COVID-19 pandemic or the 1918 Influenza pandemic, which includes one source you have found on your own.

The structure of your paper should follow standard, rhetorical formula. In other words, you need an introduction which includes the thesis of your paper (in complex sentence form, your thesis will state the specific conclusion you reached about the similarities in the stories from these two pandemics), the body of your paper which supports your thesis (and which contains quotes from the story as well as other sources for support), and a conclusion to wrap up your ideas.
Specific criteria of this paper:

A clear, cogent thesis and well-developed body paragraphs that support that thesis
Paper should be typed in APA format with a References page
This paper should be about four pages in length
Your paper should include well-selected quotes from the sources you reference.
On your References page, there must at least three entries:

Story citation
One article we read for class  
One source found from independent research

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