You’ll be asked to choose one of the four prompts given (or an original topic of your own). Each prompt may ask several questions, and you’re meant to consider them all in your essay, with the bolded part being the main focus that your thesis statement answers.

For example, in prompt #1, your essay should discuss on a general level the concept of the single effect with regard to your chosen story. Specifically, the thesis statement should answer, “Does the story fulfill a single effect (and what is it), or resist the concept?” Your body paragraphs should go into greater detail discussing how the story achieves or resists it.

In prompt #2, your essay should respond to the question of how the story deceives its reader with regards to its plot twist, with the thesis statement addressing what the overall significance/point of the twist is.

So, the bolded part should be the concern of your thesis statement, and the other questions should be part of that larger discussion. I hope these examples help.

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