Discussion 1
Please view the “Case of Tim” video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcryfuenp2c
After viewing, please answer the following questions:

What are the key characteristics of cognitive therapy that distinguish it from other therapy approaches?
What is the role of the client/therapist relationship from the cognitive therapist’s point of view?
What are some cognitive behavioral techniques used with Tim in his therapy session?
If you were to continue working with Tim as his counselor, what specific cognitive behavioral techniques might you use?
What goals would you have in mind for Tim?

Please include in your answer some of the following “cognitive” terminology: internal dialogue, irrational beliefs, coping-skills program, stress inoculation, unconditional “shoulds,” absolutistic “musts,” faulty assumptions, automatic thinking, self-evaluating, self-sustaining, schema restructuring, cognitive distortions/errors, autosuggestion, blame, arbitrary inferences, A-B-C theory, Socratic questioning, distortion of reality, disputing irrational beliefs, over generalization, magnification and minimization, polarized thinking, cognitive restructuring.

Discussion 2
1. Share a time when you wrote or said something that was interpreted, or perceived, incorrectly by the recipient of your message. What do you feel might have caused your message to be interpreted incorrectly? Explain.
2. As you move forward in school and work, what strategies provided in the textbook (Chapter 11) might you leverage to ensure your communications are clear and accurately interpreted? Explain.
3. Finally, how important will communication be in your specific career path and in achieving your academic mission statement

Tiffany post
I was an administrative assistant for a large (800 units) apartment complex for 3 years… Given my background in Customer Service/Sales, I had no idea how to function as an administrative assistant.  Part of my responsibilities was to create and send the majority of correspondence to all residents.
Initially, it seemed like I got everything wrong, because the wording, jargon, and legalities of property management.  Since I didn’t have any examples of sample letters I had to “wing it”.  Needless to say, every time I sent correspondence out, the calls were soon to follow, whether it was because I didn’t have the date and time for an occurrence, or the building/apartment number listed, etc. 
I often wondered to myself what’s the big deal, but then over time, I realized it was a HUGE breakdown in communication within someone’s place of residence… No matter how nice I could smooth someone over with my customer services, it doesn’t take away the multiple feelings of anxiety that I may have caused individuals simply by not giving enough information.
Once I got the hang of giving detailed information to the community and individuals about their home/community, my job became 10x’s easier and the Residents seemed much more happier.  Success came with me brainstorming, re-reading what I had written, and making the necessary revisions.  
As a student, I understand brainstorming will be my best friend, before submitting my papers, and before I communicate with my Professors. This way I can have a clear and open dialogue with my and not have to forget anything.
I believe as a family therapist who deals with addiction that communication is the ONLY way I will be successful, with that said, I feel like I need to learn multiple styles of communication so that I can be relatable to my Clients.

Brandon post
There was a time when I was in a high school creative writing class that the final message for a paper I wrote was completely misinterpreted. We were given a very open-ended assignment to write a story with a message, that’s it no guidelines outside of a clear message being present. To summarize the story, I wrote for the class it was a dinner party murder mystery. There was the initial victim and the seven remaining suspects, each were representative of one of the seven deadly sins. In the end all the guests died except for the woman representing envy because she eventually put aside her jealousy towards other characters and focused on her own talents and cunning, and thus able to solve the mystery and escape. It was supposed to be a message of overcoming yourself as an obstacle and redemption. My instructor, however missed my message and felt I arbitrarily choose a character to survive, or maybe I was implying envy was not a sin to the same degree as the others. I came to realize that the reason my instructor missed the message was due to the lack of time and description I used when conveying this change to the reader. If I had drawn more attention to the character’s change or started peppering hints of the change to come sooner in the story, I could have conveyed the message much more clearly. 
I feel that reviewing my writing has always been my weak spot. When I write I usually take my time and plan out each sentence before moving on to the next, reviewing as I go. This helps me catch small spelling and grammar errors before I move on, but I can still miss gaps in the overarching story or argument in trying to make. Since I utilize a lot of energy revising each sentence as I go, combing through the entire paper again can seem daunting while also less rewarding since I’m usually confident I don’t have many spelling or grammar errors. A good middle ground for me would most likely be to instead review my work paragraph by paragraph, instead of sentence by sentence or going back to reread an entire essay in one sitting. 
Communication is essential in every career path and my desired field of computer science is no exception. Communicating is key in making sure that everyone working on one project is moving efficiently towards one larger goal with no errors. Collaboration and clarity are imperative in ensuring programs function smoothly. In my academic career I’m sure reaching out to professors and academic peers will prove invaluable to my success and advancement towards earning my degree. It’s a resource I’ve sorely neglected in the past.

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