Week 2 Discussion: Beginning Your Research
Discussion Weight: 5%

Learning Objectives: 1, 2, 3, 4

Review the Week 2 Discussion Rubric here
For this discussion complete the following readings. Then, answer the 2 questions that follow in a separate paragraph for each question.
The Norton Field Guide

Chapter 47 (pp. 479-488); Chapter 48 (pp. 489-510)

Little Seagull Handbook

Section R-1, “Doing Research”

First, review the readings carefully. In one paragraph, share a tip or fact about research and/or about sources that you learned from the readings. Then, share a tip or a skill that you have used while conducting research in the past that was successful. Be sure to cite your reading.
Second, reflect on your research methodology. Briefly describe and contrast what your process has been and what it will be in this course.

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