Media Advocacy Content

Advocacy includes a broad range of activities which attempt to influence a specific behavior, policy, legislative, regulatory or implementation outcome. Public servants can play critical roles in the advocacy process, handling policy analysis, issue development, community education, constituency organizing, lobbying, legal class actions, or creating an entire advocacy campaign.

Identify an issue that interests you –any in public health. Examples include: tobacco, climate change, drug abuse, elder care, mental health, cancer, vaccinations, and etc.

Study the past / change the future: Identify at least two advocacy campaigns or other approaches that have been utilized to advance this issue. Frame the issue and explain what is wrong and the proposed solutions. Survey the field and describe how this issue is being addressed through advocacy efforts. Which organizations are working on it? What are the goals? What arenas are they targeting? In addition to answering these questions, learn what you can about their results / impact. Indicate the learning points from these efforts. Are the two organizations similar in their approaches? Is one more successful than the other? What are their main messages? What are they asking participants to ‘exchange’? Be sure to identify how each of the two organizations are approaching the 4 P’s associated with marketing.

Paper should be 2 pages in length. At least 3 three recent resources should be utilized in this paper. Please make sure they are quality resources and not a blog. Use APA formatting.

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