Please read the following instructions and make sure you can finish it on time. And note the puzzles you choose in coding. And it must be tested in this way:
check :-

   solution(S), solve(S),

   aggregate_all(count, (solve(_T)), Count), format(“Found ~w solutions~n”, [Count]),

The “funniest” way I can think of to practice logic programming is to use it to solve a logic puzzle. A logic puzzle is typically presented as a mystery and list of clues that can be used to infer facts such as “who done it”.
For this assignment, we will use the Printable Logic Puzzles (Links to an external site.) website to find two puzzles to solve. One will be a “challenging” puzzle and the other will be a “Very Hard” puzzle.
For this assignment, you will write all of the clues as rules in a prolog program.
Your prolog file must obey the following format:

The name of the prolog files must be ‘’ and ‘’
Your prolog file must provide a url/1 fact to get the URL of the puzzle being solced.
Your prolog file must also provide a solution/1 fact with the correct solution hardcoded in. You will get the correct solution from the Printable Logic Puzzles (Links to an external site.) website.
Your prolog file must provide a solve/1 rule that uses the clues to find one, and only one, table that is the solution.
Your puzzle must have a series of clueX(T) rules that are satisfied whenever the solution in T is consistent with clue X.
Your puzzle must include the check rule as follows:

check :- solution(S), solve(S), aggregate_all(count, (solve(_T)), Count), format(“Found ~w solutions~n”, [Count]), Count=1. 
To receive credit, your puzzle must find one, and only one, solution to the puzzle.
Your assignment will be checked by running swipl in the docker container as follows:
swipl -q -g check -g halt 
swipl -q -g check -g halt 
which will use your solve and solution predicates to make sure you find exactly one solution and that it is the correct solution.
You can, of course, work on your solution using SWISH (Links to an external site.) in which case you may want to also use their table rendering plugin (Links to an external site.) to display your solution. Once you have a solution, however, you should confirm that it runs properly in the container. This may mean commenting out the part where you load the plugin.
Checking Your Solution
make check
make check-challenging

make check-veryhard
All of these MUST pass before you submit the assignment.

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