Intro:  Briefly discuss general chapter highlights that you will cover in the analysis and briefly reintroduce the person and situation you are analyzing. 
Body:  (3 paragraphs using material from Chapters 4, 5, and 6; develop paragraph for each chapter)
Here are some questions to consider:
1. How much power do you feel you have in this situation?

2. How much power do you feel the other person has?

3. Do you think that the other person has more power than you? Why, or why not?

4. How do you feel that the other person views your power?

5. How do you think your power affects the conflict?

6. How do you think that the other person’s power affects your relationship with him or her?

7. What qualities do you feel you have that the other person values?

8. What qualities do you value about the other person?

9. Has this conflict considerably altered your daily life with the other person? If so, how?

10. Do you think that the other person will agree with you on who has the most power in your relationship?

11. What do you depend on the other person for?

12. What does the other person depend on you for?

13. Do you think that the other person threatens you? Do you think that you threaten the other person?

14 Between you and the other person in the conflict, who do you think has the most power?

15. Whom does the other person think has the most power?

16. Which conflict styles have you used?

17. Which conflict styles has the other person used?

18. Did these styles help or hinder the situation?

19. Would other styles have been more effective/affection? Why?

20. What emotions were involved in this conflict?

21. Which positive and which negative emotions occurred in this situation?

22. Were there any misconceptions about emotions in the conflict?

23. Were there any gender differences in expressions of sadness or other emotions?

24. Do you or the other party experience any shame, guilt, or regret?

25. How do you express anger? How does the other person express anger?

26. Are there better ways you or the other party could have expressed emotions? How?

Wrap-up with several general statements about the material you covered and the analysis of the conflict situation. End with an impactful sentence or two.

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