Unit 4 DB: MS Word in Everyday Life (CIS112)
After completing this unit and the previous unit, you now know how to use many of the features of MS Word. Please answer the following questions:

What new features did you learn about in this unit and the previous unit?
How will you put the features of Word to use in your everyday life?
How can you see yourself using Word in your academic and professional careers?

Unit 4 DB: Organizational Structure (MGT105 Principles of Management)
Based on your reading and/or your experience, can an organization’s structure be changed quickly?  Why or why not?  Should it be changed quickly?  Explain your answers.

Unit 4 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)
How important is it to trace costs appropriately?  Explain.
As you are beginning to think about the importance of tracing costs appropriately, please consider the differences between variable costing and absorption costing.  What implications does each of these have on such things as financial reporting of profit and pricing your products for the marketplace?
You may also want to think about the issues involved with traceable costs as discussed in our text or in articles that you may find online.

Unit 4 DB: Does Social Media Lead to Miscommunication? (BUS311 Managerial Communication
After reading the article, ” Not-so-social Social Media” by Lauren Casey in the above Readings & Resources, debate if social media is sabotaging real business communication.  Support your stance with research by providing at least one APA reference. 

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