.Follow the instructions to write 3 pages writing assignment I have uploaded all requirements and reading materials onto dropbox:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2qe0t4cfdwrt8d/AACBqM5…Please read them all very carefully and you must apply theories from themAll the work must be originalTurnitin report is required

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Advanced Social Policy Memo +3 pages+5.15 due (NYC time before midnight)
Assignment requirement :
1. Please select one piece of social policy related to children and families:I decided to
choose Child and youth with disabilities.
2. Use the following template to do your memo.
3. Executive summary (1 paragraph).
4. Suggested policy adjustment (1 paragraph).
5. Background information (2.5 pages).
6. Maximum 3 pages of text.
7. Unlimited references allowed (minimum 5).
8. APA format.
9. Double spaced, single sided.
Policy: SNAP
Executive summary detailing how the program functions.
Suggested policy adjustment: describe the adjustment and briefly describe the benefit of the
adjustment in terms of access to the program, reduction in cost, etc.
Background: describe the social policy model you use. Describe in greater detail the program,
how it functions and what led you to suggest an adjustment; and the benefits of the adjustment.
Please use the following readings to cite and follow the instruction about how to write a policy
1. Hannon, R. C. (1997). Returning to the true goal of the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act: Self-sufficiency. Vanderbilt Law Review, 50(3).715-52.
2. Hill, K. (2009). Individuals with Disabilities Act of 2004 and the John H. Chafee Foster Care
Independence Act of 1999: What are the Policy Implications for Youth with Disabilities
Transitioning from Foster Care? Child welfare 88(2), 5-23.
3. Katsiyannis, A., Yell, M. L., & Bradley, R. (2001). Reflections on the 25th anniversary of the
individuals with disabilities education act. Remedial & Special Education, 22(6), 324– 335.
4. Saunders, E. (1995). Services for infants and toddlers with disabilities: IDEA, Part H. health
& social work 20 (1), 39-45.
5. Yell, M. L., Katsiyannis, A., Ryan, J. B., McDuffie, K. A., & Mattocks, L. (2008). Ensure
compliance with the individuals with disabilities education improvement act of 2004.
Intervention in School and Clinic, 44(1), 45-51.
6. Agnew, R., Matthews, S.K., Buscher, J., & Welcher, A.N. (2008). Socioeconomic status,
economic problems, and delinquency. Youth & Society, 40, 159-181.

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