1:Jaw-Dropping MomentHave you ever attended a meeting or speech where you dozed off because you were bored?Why did you get bored (Was the speaker monotone? Did the speech run on too long? Was the content dry? Another reason?)Have you ever experienced a “Jaw Dropping Moment” (see Ch. 5, Talk Like Ted)? Why was it a “Jaw Dropping Moment?”2:Modes of CommunicationsUsing the product or service from your marketing plan, what modes of communications in the marketing communications mix, and corresponding platforms would you use to promote the product or serviceATTACHED IS MY MARKETING PLAN

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Product Life Cycle Stage
• What Product Life Cycle stage is it in?
– Simply move the arrow to the correct stage in the chart below:
See Figures 9.4, 9.5 and Table 9.4 in the printed textbook version (pages 152155 of the same)
Product Life
• Create a list of up to 5 features and up to 5 benefits of the product or
service to customers
1. Shopping apps such as Walmart
App, Walmart Pay and others
1. The prices are low in comparison to
most stores.
2. E-commerce fulfillment centers
2. Convenience as wide range of
products are found together.
3. Store No 8 is a research team
dedicated to changing the future.
3. Accessibility since there are
different stores.
4. The wide range of brands such as
clothes, shoes, food products and
4. Diversity thus making the company
convenient for all people.
5. New brands such as Jet.com which
attracts more customers.
5. Charitable events which help
support other communities.
Marketing Goals
• Increase market share
• Capture a new target market
• Increase revenues
• Build brand awareness
• Public relations media

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