1) After World War I, Europe (and the U.S. at times) took significant steps to prevent a repeat of World War I. Discuss the steps that were taken (begin your essay by stating a few of the ramifications of the Treaty of Versailles and go from there) and conclude with an event that completely changed the entire world and left the European continent wide open for another World War.2) In class, we discussed Adolf Hitler’s road to war in World War II. In chronological order, tell me the steps Hitler took after obtaining power in 1933 that led to the beginning of WWII in Europe, the response from European Governments, and the importance of these events and how it left Germany in a position to accomplish what they did in such a short amount of time.3) Describe the Korean War in detail. In your opinion, should the U.S. have fought in Korea? Provide evidence to support your opinion.1) By 1939, only two major European powers remained democratic. Name them and the importance of this statement.2) Define totalitarianism, list two types of it, and list three main ideologies that are used in a totalitarian state.3) According to lecture, what were Hitler’s four biggest mistakes, the significance of these mistakes, and when they took place? KNOW THESE! 4) How did Stalin come to power in the Soviet Union? Hitler in Germany? Tell the significance of both.5) Why did the Germans and the Italians want to control North Africa? Be specific.6) Why was the world-wide depression the most severe from 1929-1933? Give the two examples I spoke of in class where conditions were the worst.7) What was the first “Hot” war of the Cold War and when did it start and end?8) What was the “domino theory” and what country did we fight a war in to prevent this theory from happening?

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