1.) CONNECTIONS: What connections do you draw between the course and your own life and/or other learning?2.) CHALLENGE: What ideas, positions, or assumptions do you want to challenge or argue within the course?3.) CONCEPTS: What key concepts or ideas do you think are important and worth holding onto from the course?4.) CHANGES: What changes do you suggest be made in the course, either for you or others?All of these questions are in regards to an American Government class. Thank you. I put the course schedule below for reference to answer the above questions. Please write 5-7 sentences for each question.Chap. 1 American Government: Roots, Context, and Cult.Syllabus Quiz (mandatory assignment for attendance certification)Revel chapter Quiz 11/25Chap. 2 The ConstitutionRevel chapter Quiz 22/1Chap. 3 The Federal SystemRevel chapter Quiz 3 2/8Chap. 4 Civil LibertiesRevel chapter Quiz 4 Exam 1 Due in Canvas Discussion Forum 12/15Chap. 5 Civil RightsRevel chapter Quiz 5 2/22Chap. 6 CongressRevel chapter Quiz 6 3/1Chap. 7 The PresidencyRevel chapter Quiz 7 3/8SPRING BREAK 3/11 – 3/15NO CLASSChap. 8 The Executive Branch and the Federal BureaucracyRevel chapter Quiz 8 Exam 2 Due in Canvas Last Day to Withdraw 3/22 Discussion Forum 23/22Chap. 9 The JudiciaryRevel chapter Quiz 9 3/29Chap. 10 Public Opinion and Political SocializationRevel chapter Quiz 10 4/5Chap. 11 Political PartiesRevel chapter Quiz 11 4/12Chap. 12 Campaigns, Elections and VotingRevel chapter Quiz 12 Exam 3 Due in Canvas4/19Chap. 13 The News MediaRevel chapter Quiz 13 Term Project due in Canvas 4/26Chap. 14 Interest GroupsRevel chapter Quiz 14 5/3Chap. 15 Domestic and Economic PolicyRevel chapter Quiz 15 5/10Chap. 16 Foreign and Defense Policy

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