1. America’s Disappearing Factory JobsAmerica is facing extensive effect of outsourcing as well as other Technologies such as automation. This is specific type of outsourcing process has decreased the overall requirement of jobs in United States of America. This specific effect is extensively big as the specific type of structure is changing the whole scenario of operation for different jobs implemented in United States. Outsourcing to developing countries like China and Bangladesh has provided extensive availability to the most profit generation company which is affecting overall availability of jobs in United States. As this condition is very disastrous for the local communities, technology has also been playing an important role in the Pacific structure. As a technology is constantly increasing, adaptability towards implementation of automation systems are creating a negative impact on its overall operational conditions. This type of of effect is negatively impacting the job industry of United States and reducing overall number of factory jobs.Consistent implementation of outsourcing in different manufacturing units and implementation of it based outsourcing in the organisations are also decreasing the number of jobs in the factories which is directly affecting the the daily workers and other low level employees of the organisation in a negative manner.2. I support the last video about bringing US work home. I believe that keeping the jobs in the US is ultimately the better move for the company even though it may be more costly. The product will be better in the long run and your brand will have a better reputation with the consumers. I have dealt with situations many times when the customer call center of a company I was dealing with was based in a foreing country. It was very difficult to solve any issues that I had here in the states. It seemed as if they did not know the protocol or proper steps to take and always had to refer to a supervisor and that lengthened the time of my phone call. That led me not to want to do business with them anymore, so keeping the jobs here in the US where the employees are more familiar with the way the company works is better in my opinion.There also lies communication issues when companies decide to outsource. The time zones will be different so it will not be convenient for personnel in America. They will have to adjust their time schedules accordingly to be taken care of. This could be aggravating.” According to Cameron Herold, the founder of a COO training program, communication is essential to success in the business world. Since a large number of U.S.-based employees report not being engaged at work, communication remains a major problem”( Patel, D. 2017)There is sufficient evidence presented. They do not only track for the extra money they have made by keeping it in house they also disclose the information about the additional costs that they have encountered by bringing jobs back to America. That is the part that convinced me. They did not try and fluff up their profit by omitting the negative portion even though they produced three times as much product. References:https://www.forbes.com/sites/deeppatel/2017/07/17/the-pros-and-cons-of-outsourcing-and-the-effect-on-company-culture/#78105534562dhttps://archivesbb.nbclearn.com/portal/site/root/widget/8JehJhSz6wntIMu08VHkNsOgKn46kcOdVMPgl0G4vX6_PEyQABypX-RsSjMtgiL-dgwvKKfgys8YiaLTBaAm1tjpG0crIofGQtWN-s0MpEl9XjGl8n8dxTkmRUNmxAjZ5KSdM-CbxD3t-q23eVEoka1GzXXupBpK/44296

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