1will sent the outline for 3.1View the Assignment 3 Overview to gain an understanding of the overall assignment requirements (Assignment 3.1 and 3.2) and grading criteria.To complete this assignment (Assignment 3.2), click the “Week 7 – Assignment 3.2” link above. Then complete the following:Record or upload your speech (Video Recording)Complete the self review (Written Review)View Assignment 3 OverviewPart 1: Record or upload your speech (Video Recording)Part 2: Complete the self review (Written Review)PART 2: SELF REVIEWAfter you have completed your speech, address the following reflection questions. This reflection helps you step back and take a second look at your work, with an eye on improvement and highlighting your achievements!
To replay your speech:Select the Preview Button above your video entry For more detailed instructions on previewing your video, review the following guide: Video Tips and Assignment Support
Address the following self review questions: (Please number and address all 5 questions)Does the speech introduction gain the attention and interest of audience and preview the main points of the speech? If so, explain the method(s) used to engage the audience. If not, explain how the introduction could be improved.Does the conclusion reinforce the central idea and use a strong closing? If so, explain how. If not, describe how the conclusion could be improved.Does the speech cite at least two credible sources that support the main points? If so, explain how the sources support the main points? If not, note those concerns here.Is the speech well organized and persuasive? Does it follow a logical structure? Discuss how ethos, logos, and/or pathos are used in your speech.Describe one thing you did well in this speech. Describe one thing you would change about your speech.Any additional comments are welcome.

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