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Module 02 Course Project
Company Selection
Matthew Marquette
Rasmussen College B460/MAN4720
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on April 11, 2019, for Professor Brittney Kempink
B460/MAN4720 Section 01 Strategic Management Course Online Plus
Company Selection
Strategic management refers to the wide-ranging assemblage of proceeding
undertakings and methods that establishments apply to methodically organize and affiliate
assets and processes with their operations, foresights and policies (Jurevicius, 2013). This
essay provides a brief description of the Amazon Company, with regard to my strategic
management plan, as well as the reason behind the selection of this particular organization.
To begin, Amazon.com, Inc., classifies amongst the largest online shopping websites
on an international scale, and it was inaugurated by Jeff Bezos, in 1995. Additionally, this
company has its roots out of Seattle town in Washington DC. Fundamentally, the site is
extensively recognized for its comprehensive assortment of manuscripts, even if it has
recently outspread to retail microchip technology, tunes, equipment, and clothes (Cable News
Network, 2019).
Usually, Amazon functions via various corporate subdivisions including North
America, International, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). What is more, Amazon also
possesses different trade websites for different nations such as, America, the U.K, Ireland,
France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India,
and Mexico. In addition, Amazon also provides world-wide delivery to a selection of other
nations, for a number of its goods (Cable News Network, 2019).
The primary reason for selecting Amazon.com, Inc. as the company for my strategic
management plan is due to its global nature in its aggregate sales, along with market
capitalization. Undoubtedly, this organization necessitates a tactical administration strategy,
to guarantee a smooth running of businesses to meet its goals and avoid huge losses.
Cable News Network. (2019). ‘Amazon.com Inc.’ Accessed April 10, 2019 from
Jurevicius, O. (2013). ‘Strategic Management & Strategic Planning Process.’ Accessed April
11, 2019 from https://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/topics/strategicplanning-process.html
Running head: AMAZON
Module 03 Course Project
SWOT Analysis
Matthew Marquette
Rasmussen College B460/MAN4720
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on April 21, 2019, for Professor Brittney Kempink
B460/MAN4720 Section 01 Strategic Management Course Online Plus
Amazon Inc. SWOT analysis
Amazon Inc. is one of the top brand companies in the e-commerce industry. The firm has
been in business for two decades, where it has achieved several projects in different sectors. To
understand its success in the industry and competition activities, it is essential to have a
comprehensive SWOT analysis of the company
Internal Factors

Low cost structure

Synergies between

Absence of important

Poor access to
distribution channels
Large distribution

Poor employeemanagement
Quality management
External factors

Untapped African


Increased mergers and

Change in tax policies

Change in
Change in socialcultural trends
demographic structure
Amazons boost several advantages that make it competitive in the market; some of them
include one Low-cost Structure- the company has the largest merchandise selection and a vast
number of third-party sellers. Such strategies enable the firm to minimize costs and increase
income generations compared to companies such as Walmart. The firm has increased its market
share in the world market. Online sales allow the firm to sell more without incurring costs of
running physical retail outlets. Secondly, Synergies between marketplace- that is, the company
has three key businesses that support each other, that is Amazon marketplace, Amazon web
services and Amazon prime. They ensure that speed and capacity building is enhanced within the
firm. Thirdly, extensive distribution channels- Since the company focus on online sales. Most of
its distribution channels allow the firm to connect to a large number of customers in the market.
Again, customer loyalty- Amazon brand boasts improved customer relationship and loyalty
making the firm one of the largest enterprise to register more than 100 million members. Lastly,
the company has quality management and leadership structure that is led by CEO Jeff Bezos
(Miller, 2017).
Weaknesses are internal factors that the company has control of; they influence the
decision-making process and progress activities. Some of these issues include the absence of
essential skills in the organization. Since the company operates in many countries, cultural
practices and legal practices require individuals to help the customers understand the products
changes and their effects. Secondly, poor access to distribution channels- although the firm uses
various distribution channels, it is difficult to rely on and access these channels. Thirdly, there
have been some cases where management has failed to support workers and promote their
interest in the organization entirely. This has resulted in increased court cases due to unfair
Opportunities- These external factors are out of management control. Hence the firm
should adjust and make changes to meet their demands. They include untapped African marketAmazon has not invested in Africa. However, there are 1.3 billion people on the continent with
over 60% aged less than 40 Years. Secondly, increased mergers and acquisition have enabled the
firm to build a strong capital base. Amazon Inc. acquired Fresh Foods retail stores in 2015 (Hutt,
2018). Lastly, change in social-cultural trends where people are embracing technology and
trusting e-commerce.
Threats- Threats are external factors that influence a company’s decision-making
process. Some of these threats include technological advances- there are constant changes in
technology where the firm is forced to improve and secure its website system to grow the
business. Secondly, change in tax policies- different countries have a set of tax policies;
therefore, the company is forced to adjust its systems to ensure that it conforms to the tax
requirements. Lastly, change in demographic structure; in the United States, a large number of
older people is no longer focusing on online purchases, which has reduced demand for Amazon
Hutt, M. D., & Speh, T. W. (2018). Edition: Business Marketing Management. South-Western
Publishing Company.
Miller, C. C., & Bosman, J. (2017). E-books outsell print books at Amazon. New York Times, 19.
Module 04 Course Project
Strategy Selection
Matthew Marquette
Rasmussen College B460/MAN4720
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on April 28, 2019, for Professor Brittney Kempink
B460/MAN4720 Section 01 Strategic Management Course Online Plus
Strategy Selection
Strategic Objectives:
Customer obsession: to start all their operations with the customer and then
develop the strategy backward.
Innovation: to listen to the customers and also go beyond the customers into
improving the nature of services that their potential clients receive.
Bias for action: to operate with the dictates of time and the nature of the
revolution in the services that they provide while converting every opportunity on
the way into a useful business trap.
To become the world cost leader in the e-commerce industry and this involves
extending the branches of the business operations to far larger geographical space
while maintaining the favorable cost of the operations to the clients.
To improve leveraging for the company’s core competencies in whatever ways
they can find in realizing the value of the assets of the company.
To provide a high value using technology that would result in low costs solutions
to our clients.
Strategy alternatives:
To venture into home deliveries and supply chain logistics: with the
changing business environment, Amazon would be better placed to convert
their business into third party logistics where goods are delivered straight
forth to the doorsteps of the individuals. As at now, Amazon is already giving
its competitors much pressure by giving them an illusion that the deliveries
are bound to reach the owners within the next 48 hours. Deliveries will also
improve the network of the company several times folds. This alternative is a
game changer for the company, something that they can hardly see.
Restructuration of the eBook section of the company: with the position of the
Amazon currently they are positioned to define and take advantage of the
market fast evolving market place. In effecting this strategy, the company is
likely to seal three loose points in the industry. First, Amazon needs to control
the storage of the emerging e-books stacks appropriately (Jurevicius, 2013).
Second, they ought to rely on the developer platform in leading the market
innovation and inventions. Lastly, the industry should effectively utilize their
position in the e-commerce market to build a strong relationship with the
authors of the books that they have in their stores.
Venture into the healthcare: healthcare entry is one of the strategies that
would do much in helping the Amazon brand to move further into new
geographical locations (Cable News Network. 2019). Entering into healthcare
would prove as a bold move for the company. In the healthcare section, it is
more prudent that the company majors on pharmacy services.
Cable News Network. (2019). ‘Amazon.com Inc.’ Accessed April 23, 2019 from
Jurevicius, O. (2013). ‘Strategic Management & Strategic Planning Process.’ Accessed
April 26, 2019 from https://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/topics/strategicplanning-process.html

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