1. The marketing environment which includes competitive, economic,
political, legal and regulatory, technological and sociocultural forces,
surrounds the customer and the marketing mix. These forces can create
threats to marketers, but they also generate opportunities for new
products and new methods of reaching customers. These forces can
fluctuate quickly and dramatically.How much control does a marketer have over these environmental forces?In your own words, explain why marketing is important to our global economy.Explain the pyramid of corporate social responsibility, and for each dimension use a real-world example.2. Read the assigned Forbes article, 5 steps to planning of successful marketing strategy for the new year (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., in addition to this week’s chapter readings. Respond to the following:As discussed in the text, explain the major components of strategic planning process.How are these components related?Discuss the steps that Brenda Stoltz (author of the article)
suggested marketers should take to plan successful marketing strategies.

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