10 page paper mla format double spaced discussing cannabis and the business opportunities with it.

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Rubric Group Assignment
Business 1
100 points
Purpose of Assignment
Students will have the opportunity to research a company and industry to conceptualize forming a
new division of an existing company based on a new product or service.
Assignment Steps
Develop a minimum 3,500-word (10 pages) proposal in which you explain the importance of
innovation in your selected division’s vision, mission, and values, and determine your business
model for this new division.
Include the following:

Propose a new product or service for the new company division. The division should be
customer-focused with an innovative mission statement. Ensure you are differentiating
your product or service.
Describe how the division addresses customer needs and achieves competitive
Create a vision and a business model for this new division that clearly demonstrates your
decision on what you want your business to become in the future.
Explain how the vision, mission, and value of the new division align with the company’s
mission and vision.
Summarize how the vision, mission, and values guide the division’s strategic direction.
Define your guiding principles and values for your division in the context of culture, social
responsibility, and ethics.
Students gain experience conducting an internal and external environmental analysis for their
proposed new division and its business model. They will also gain valuable experience in conducting
a SWOTT analysis for their proposed division.
Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis for your proposed new division and its
business model.
Develop a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. Your environmental analysis should consider,
at a minimum, the factors below.

For each factor, identify the one primary strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and
trend, and include it in your table.
Include the SWOTT table in your submission.
o External forces and trends considerations:
▪ Industry Changes
▪ Legal and regulatory
▪ Global
▪ Economic
▪ Technological
▪ Innovation
▪ Social


Competitive analysis
Internal forces and trends considerations:
▪ Strategy
▪ Structures
▪ Processes and systems
▪ Resources
▪ Goals
▪ Strategic capabilities
▪ Culture
▪ Technologies
▪ Innovations
▪ Intellectual property
▪ Leadership
Identify economic, legal, and regulatory forces and trends.
Critique how well the organization adapts to change.
Analyze and explain the supply chain of the new division of the existing business. Share
your plans to develop and leverage core competencies and resources within the supply
chain in an effort to make a positive impact on the business model and the various
Discuss the primary internal organizational considerations for the development of a
strategic plan.
Identify the major issues and/or opportunities the company faces based on your analysis.
Develop the strategic objectives for your new division of the existing business in a balanced
scorecard format in the context of key trends, assumptions, and risks. The strategic objectives are
measures of attaining your vision and mission. As you develop them, consider the vision, mission,
and values for your business and the outcomes of your SWOTT analysis.

Identify marketing and information technology as part of the strategies and tactics section
of the business plan.
Develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being
sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and
Determine the best possible options for evaluating the strategic plan.
Explain the ethical issues faced by the organization, summarize the legal and regulatory
issues faced by the organization, and then summarize the organization’s corporate social
Show, in this section, the possible implications of the triple bottom line (people, planet,
profit) on the strategic plan and its implementation.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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