10 short response questions. Responses don’t have to be long. A 1-2 sentence response to each question is fine. The instructions and questions are attached below.

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This is the homework assignment (basically kind of like a take home quiz)
that will be due next Tuesday. It is based on the subject of the two
documentaries we saw in class – the first one last week and the second
one today which you can watch again in its entirety at:
Please bring the assignment typed (for legibility) and answer all the
questions in any format you feel comfortable with (i.e. single word answers
or short sentences or paragraphs are okay). Plagiarized papers will not be
accepted so don’t copy your classmate’s answers or online blurbs (it’s not
hard to tell when that happens).
1. Were the 2 videos in agreement with each other? Please elaborate (i.e.
were there any differences)?
2. Was there any agenda in either one or both films, if so please explain?
3. Global warming aka Climate Change as is popularly referenced in
contemporary discussion today is basically based on one variable. What is
that variable and how did each film approach it? Please give supporting
4. Is it possible to tell, using scientific methods or historical accounts (or
both) whether changes in climate are due to “human
causes” (Anthroprogenic) or as a result of “natural variations”?
5. What do you feel most people that are asked the question of whether
climate change is due to “natural cycles” or ”human causes” will respond?
6. In today’s video was there disagreement between scientists regarding
climate change?
7. Are all viewpoints treated evenly in this debate? Give specific examples
from the videos to justify your answer.
8. The following is a look at historical anthropological as well as
climatological temperature data, with research from the 1930s revealing
some important findings about Greenland’s climate within the last roughly
1000 years:
that was published by NASA in 1981 going back 1000 years:
and then reported by IPCC in 1990
In 2006 a professor from the University of Oklahoma (where I got my
undergraduate degree) testified in D.C. about his personal experience
following his research and publication:
Finally, the more recent temperature record released to the public is seen
from 2001 and on:
Are there any differences between the earlier articles, graphs and charts
and the most recent version? Are they important?
9. Two of the atmospheric scientists (who are climatologists/
meteorologists/professors) that were even featured in today’s film recently
went through this:
Was there any mention of similar occurrences in the film(s)?
10. The topic of climate change is extremely broad and it is extremely
difficult to give adequate attention to it in a couple of weeks. I have taught
a whole upper-division course (entire term) at a local university just on this
topic as the class was called “Global Climate Change in the Developing
World”. I welcome any additional comments/suggestions/observations/
critiques and encourage all opinions happily. Feel free to include any
additional remarks here.

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