1. The paragraph should be based on a current
news article that discusses a current or proposed policy (at the firm, local, state, or federal government
level) or other economic issue that has implications for the labor market (e.g., building an oil pipeline,
extreme weather event, etc.2. Summary should be approximately ½-¾ page in length. You may additionally include graphs or
figures (though not required) that are not included in the page count. You should also include a PDF of
the article that your summary is based on. This should include the full text of the article, date of
publication, and name of the news source. Please submit a single PDF containing all files. 3.Your news article should come from a reputable source (for example, but not limited to: The New York
Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, The Economist, Sacramento Bee, etc.), and should have been
written/published within 3 weeks of the date you submit the assignment. Some news outlets have free
online access; you can also find electronic and paper copies of current periodicals in the library.4. The Current events summary should choose a topic among Labor Supply, Labor Demand, Labor Market Equilibrium, Labor Unions or Substitution and Income Effects.5. Grading will be based on:Summary of the policy or issue:Briefly describe the policy or issue in the article to someone who is
unfamiliar with it. The article must be attached.Relevance to labor economics:Briefly describe how this article applies to a labor economics topic that
we have covered in the course. Theoretical predictions:Using the material you have learned in the course, discuss the theoretical
effects of the policy/issue. Although not required, you can create and reference graphs or figures if
helpful.Conclusions (Why might you expect (or not expect) the actual labor market consequences to differ from
your theoretical predictions? )

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