1. Given the following schema, write SQL statements that would achieve the following goals (test them on Oracle)Movies (title, year, length, genre, academy_award, studioName, directorName)StarsIn (movieTitle, movieYear, starName)Director (name, birthdate, nationality)MovieStar (name, birthdate, address, gender)Studio (name, address)(Attributes with Italic font are foreign keys)1) Create these tables using appropriate data types, with following constraints:a) The length cannot be less than 30 minutes or more than 480 minutesb) The year must be 1929 or laterc) The only allowable genres are drama, comedy, sciFi, romance, and vampired) No studios can have the same address2) Insert data into those tables (at least 3 tuples in each table). Provide SQL insert statements with an appropriate execution order. (paste screenshots into your report file)

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