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The World bank has approach your consulting firm. They have requested that you write a
white paper that demonstrates how a digital world currency would operate. Your white
paper should introduce your company and show a system level design for such a
Requirements and Constraints:
1. Unlike the distributed currency BitCoin, this currency would operate from a
centralized trusted source with distributes service points
2. The currency would be purchased with conventional national currency at the current
rate of exchange in US dollars.
3. Exchanges of currency would be peer to peer with each transaction cryptographically
4. The World bank would verify all transactions to both parties of the transaction
5. Users would establish accounts with digital addresses
6. Identities of the parties in the transaction would be private but available by court order
in the country of transaction origin or destination.
7. Identify the packet structure of all transactions and the details of processes needed for
the transaction and verification.
8. Discuss how a digital wallet might be created.
9. Identify what data records would need needed and where/how stored.
Your white paper should include an introduction for your customer that identifies security
services needed, threats to the system. It should explain details of your approach, its
benefits and advantages and explain how it can be accomplished.

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