200 word reply minimumAccording to DeRosa and Abruscato (2019) science is defined as “a way of knowing, it seeks explanations of the natural world” (p. 6). Science involves claims that are supported by evidence. Science helps individuals understand the world better and in new ways. There are an infinite amount of things that need scientific explanations or have scientific explanations. In our world, many individuals seek answers to questions that science often has answers or explanations for. Scientific understanding and analysis requires individuals to use cognitive skills. Individuals must have an awareness of their thought patterns in order to develop good, scientific thinking habits (DeRosa & Abruscato, 2019).DeRosa and Abruscato (2019) state how it is important for children to learn science so that they are given the opportunity to learn, explore, and satisfy their curious minds. The authors describe how children love to touch things. This is something that is put into action when it comes to science because science is a hands-on subject. Children are also often asking “why” questions, which are a great leads into scientific explorations. Children’s “why” questions about the world can turn into great hypotheses (DeRosa & Abruscato, 2019).Science is such an important subject for elementary school students to learn. I do not think that science is given enough attention in the younger elementary grades. The school I work in takes field trips to the science center, which most kids enjoy thoroughly. The children love being able to touch, see, and hear different things that the science center offers. Children are able to learn about plants, marine life, outer space, and other things at the science center. In 4th grade and below, children at the school I teach at are only given about 30 minutes of science a day. This is not enough time for children to truly explore the world of science. Many children in my class ask when or if we will get to do science experiments because they are very interested in the subject. Unfortunately, 5th grade is the only grade tested in science in my school so they are the only ones who truly dive into the subject. DeRosa and Abruscato (2019) state the importance of a teachers’ attitude when it comes to teaching science (DeRosa & Abruscato, 2019). I think my excitement for science gets my students excited to learn the little bit of science we do daily. I certainly have witnessed many students asking to do science projects and to learn more information. ReferencesLiberty University Custom: DeRosa, D. A., & Abruscato, J. Teaching children science: A discovery approach. (8th. ed.). Pearson. ISBN: 9781323245033

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