1.Requirements: Please include close and connotative reading of The Handmaid’s Tale. Please include a minimum of five credible secondary sources and use MLA style.2. Prompt: Focusing on feminism, sexism and misogyny issues Atwood raises in The Handmaid’s Tale, argue what Atwood is warning us about in our own society. Compare Gilead to the U.S. today, as well as in the 1980s, and argue what we should do to avoid such a fate.3. Outline(Please use this outline):Intro: Hook, context, thesis—What is Atwood warning about?First Body Paragraphs: 1980s and what was happening in relation to feminism, sexism and misogyny.Next Body Paragraphs: Gilead and what she is showing in the novel that made it such a dystopia, highlighting feminism, sexism and misogyny issue.Final Body Paragraphs: Today and what is happening in relation to feminism, sexism and misogyny.(NOTE:Somewhere, maybe here, you want to address and refute a counterargument. ie., the religious right in the 1980s argued that women’s liberation was destroying “traditional family values”; how would you refute that?)Conclusion: Sum up your argument and make a final point or call to action.

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