1. Watch this video that explains the events and issues surrounding the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire tragedy that occurred in New York in 1911. Please watch Segments 29-32 from the provided link. Then answer the questions below.Immigrant Labor and the Triangle Factory Fire. 11:08 min1) In a few sentences, summarize the ways in which lack of labor safety precautions led to this tragedy.2) What is the relationship between this tragedy and immigration?3) How did this tragedy influence changes to labor law and protections for laborers in the workplace?2. Examine this map that shows the portion of Eastern Europe known as The Pale of Jewish Settlement and do the following. Click here to access the map.Consult a modern map of Europe and list the names of the countries that would currently be located within the historic Pale of Jewish Settlement shown on this map.Use this map to help you get started – Focus on the large area outlined toward the center of the map between the body of water in the South and the body of water in the North. Pay close attention to the red, dark green, darker blue, and pink areas just to the east of the center of the map.

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