1. Summarize the specific methods used by interest groups in order to influence governmental decision making in all three branches of government. Provide at least two examples from each branch.2. Explain what role the present-day mass media can have on both the public and on the government.3. One of the challenges of a diverse society is discrimination. Throughout American history, various groups have faced discrimination. The federal government has taken actions that have either protected or limited the rights of these groups. Select two different groups that have faced discrimination in American history. For each group, describe examples of the discrimination as well as actions taken by the government and whether those actions protected or limited the rights of the group. Your essay should be no fewer than four paragraphs and include an introduction and conclusion.NOTE: The last short answer question requires 4 paragraphs because the question is worth 24 points. Each paragraph is 3-5 sentences. –Intro: What is discrimination? Why does it exist? –Form of Discrimination 1, with examples. –Form of Discrimination 2, with examples. –Conclusion: Does discrimination exist today? How can we change it?

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