1. Write on the “Cold War”. Topic must include: How and when did the Cold War Start? How and why did the Soviet Union go from ally to enemy? What was the United States plan to deal with the Cold War? How did the Marshall Plan help in this? How did NATO help in this? Was the Korean War a Cold War failure? How was McCarthyism a reaction to the Cold War? When and why did the Cold War end?2. Write on the “Civil Rights”. Topic must include: What Civil Rights were given to the Freedmen after the Civil War? How long did they last? Why and how were these Civil Rights lost? When did segregation become official policy? When and how did segregation end? What was the Civil Rights movement? Where did it focus its attention? Why did it take 100 years after the Civil War to grant Civil Rights to the African-Americans? Has the battle been won?3. Write on the “Watergate”. Topic must include: Why were the Democratic headquarters broken into? Who did it? Why did President Nixon try to cover this up? What revelations came out of the investigation into Watergate? How many lives and reputations were destroyed by this scandal? How and why was this a Constitutional crisis? Why did Nixon resign? Why did President Ford pardon Nixon? What happened as a result of Watergate?

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