1. Fundamentals – Safety is a line responsibility, safety is productive, safety requires upstream effort, safety depends on the safety precedence sequence, systematic tools and techniques help2. roles of the safety manager and project manager – project manager provided overall goals and direction, safety manager provides expertise in hazard identification, analysis, and control.3. How is safety achieved? – doing the right thing every time by addressing risk before the work practice begins4. Upstream process, what is the role? management must determine and model the expectations in form of thoughtful employee selection processes and training (select, train, test). Facilities and workplaces must be evaluated for risk and proper procedures put in place (Design, Procure, Test). On the procedural side, write, review, test. All must be management driven.5. Define and discuss safety precedence sequence – a prioritized list of controls that should be considered and applied. Part of the system safety effort.

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