200 word minimum reply According to the textbook Science is a way to explain our natural world in a systematic and evidentiary way. It is a process by which we can examine and explore our world and derive answers to questions about the world around us. (DeRosa & Abruscato, pg. 4) In my youth Science was not one of my favorite subjects. It was frustrating and never made sense. Just having read the text I can already see how it might have been made better for me in those days by utilizing some of the methods described in the reading. I may have had questions but I was never guided to find the answers. It was more difficult without access to the internet as was the case in the 1970’s. As a student the courses were not integrated. I don’t recall any experiments in Science class done even just by the teacher. As a matter of fact I don’t really recall science at all. It was certainly taught but I don’t remember it being hands on in any way. I don’t remember science until middle school. High school is when I remember touching things and it did make the class more interesting.I see now how questioning in Science is related to other subjects and can be integrated as I had not seen before. I think that integration can be brought out with students as well.It is important to not only teach students to inquire and how to ask appropriate questions to find answers, but to see how science is in other subject areas. By showing students how to relate the subjects it will cause them to use the fundamental questions of inquiry to connect the dots for other types of learning. For example in reading a poem about the life of a snowflake you can further discover the process of the water cycle. Taking it further you could then question and explore the irrigation systems referred to, as the snowflake became part of that system and understand the process of irrigation in a farming community. It could also connect to weather and clouds in science as well as geography in Social Studies. Science is definately important to understanding much of what we do and how we live life in such a technology based society today. Students need to be able to make the connections to their world and science.



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