1.Sometimes, citizens need to travel for business or leisure. In the case of State v. Nagami, the husband and wife tried to obtain entry into the People’s Republic of China, from Japan. There may be other situations where a business man or woman needs to enter a high risk country for business, and obtaining a passport and visa may not be readily feasible. What must the business person and corporation do to ensure proper procedures are followed, and what safety and security measures are possible?Your response should be 200 words in length.2. In 1949, there was a case between an employee, Mr. Duberg, and the U.S. government while he was employed at UNESCO in Paris. Mr. Duberg refused to fill out a loyalty questionnaire. In 2015, do you think there are cases that may arise as an international business person where you may have to go through such procedures, and why?Your response should be 200 words in length.

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