1. What is your opinion of the course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvements of this course for future students? Have any of these conceptions changed? Why? What have you learned about international law that you did not know? Is there anything that you thought you knew that you now understand differently after studying the materials in this course?Answer in couple sentences. subject is international operations and then agree or disagree within 2-3 sentences to post below2.I have to say I enjoyed this course a lot. I actually learned a lot. I especially enjoyed the course project, constructing a memo letter for the expansion of our selected businesses in our choice of country. I learned a lot about the country of Singapore and what my business would need to be knowledgeable of when settling in this country. I just think this assignment was great for business professionals in researching international law and what important aspects to consider to start a successful business. At this point, I do not think I would change much about this course. I found it very helpful. Since unit 1, my preconceptions seem to still be accurate, as I believed that business overseas get more tax breaks and less regulations, cheaper labor costs and initial overhead costs.I will need answers seperately . need to know what goes where.

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