1.For your main post:Discuss how government, private sector, and nongovernment organizations work together during domestic incidents.Cite examples of the types of incidents for which NIMS can be used.Identify a specific example of an incident that occurred in the United States that had a significant economic impact or loss of lifeDiscuss how NIMS was used.Define the relationship in action at all different levels of government and the private sector utilizing the NIMS system.2.For your main post, based on the simulation involving short-term recovery of the stadium and surrounding area:Describe what the emergency planners should have done to ensure continuity of operations in the event of a catastrophe such as the one depicted in the simulation.Develop an alternate plan. What specifically would you do to ensure continuity of operations in the event of a catastrophe such as this one?How would you ensure the transfer of command, redundant systems, and secondary facilities?Compare the effects of a short-term recovery at the local venue you identified in the Unit 6 discussion, Evacuate or Shelter in Place?, and the surrounding area in your community. What would the key issues of a short-term recovery in your area be? Identify at least three issues.Apply the ICS principles to your issues in this discussion.3.For your main post, discuss what the team’s primary considerations will be:Determine who will be involved in the recovery planning and implementation.Define players, including the public and private organizations.
What roles will all the public and private organizations play?Who will lead the effort and what will their responsibilities be?What role should collaboration play among agencies?Recommend three things you would do differently, using the ICS principles in your recommendations.Identify three different private organizations in your community available to assist with long-term recovery.
Explain what the different private organizations do.4.For your main post, focus on the college-level education and FEMA certifications emergency managers should have, and respond to the following.Describe how college-level education and FEMA certification elements prepare emergency managers for employment.Describe how emergency managers apply college-level education and FEMA certification elements once on the job.List other qualifications emergency managers should possess.Project what you see as the single most important changing element for emergency managers.Determine the adjustment in skills this predicted change will require for emergency managers in the next 10 years.Identify the closest emergency manager to you. Research his or her educational level and certifications.Compare that information to what you believe the qualifications should be based on the nature of the responsibilities associated with the position.

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