) We discussed pragmatics with regard to language development in early childhood. Was therea time when you used language in a socially inappropriate way in childhood while you were still learning pragmatics?2) It is during early childhood that aggression towards others typically emerges. Were you ever aggressive towards another child? Were other children ever aggressive towards you? What was the type of aggression used (instrumental, hostile, relational)?3) We discussed the notion that early childhood is a time of increased gender socialization, which continues into middle childhood and adolescence. Visit the following website and take a look around: http://www.genderads.com . The entire archive of print advertisements is fascinating, but particularly relevant to our discussion are the ads found under Roles I: Roles; Roles I: mother; Role I: Dolls;Roles II: WOC; male: Males; Males: Hero; Both: Competition; Both: Hero; Politics: kidsYou may also want to do a basic Google image search for “gendered advertisements.”Print out 3 of the gendered ads you found most interesting and discuss what is being communicated to the viewer in these ads. Remember, young children are very impressionable and are avid consumers of advertising! Even when ads are directed towards adults, children who see them assimilate this information into their gender schemas.4) Discuss the following aspects of your personal development:A) Gross and fine motor skills (compare with norms)B) Did you attend preschool? What do you remember about kindergarten and first grade? How did these experiences affect your development? C) Parents’ parenting style(s) and role of father in parentingD) Type of discipline used in early childhoodE) Childcare, working parents, stay-at-home parents?

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