1. Demonstrate knowledge of the core mechanisms of public administration2. Explain how and why different political, economic, legal and social environments impact public administration and policy 3. Delineate challenges to providing public goods and services in a diverse society4. Evaluate approaches and solutions to solving public administration problems5. Construct, organize, and communicate information clearly to a variety of audiences by means of oral and written presentation 1. A brief summary of the issue you are targeting: what is the issue and how did this become a public administration “puzzle” (no more than one page).2. An explanation of why you think this issue is significant in public administration today: who are the key stakeholders, what are the competing interests at work, what challenges do you see in solving this public administration “puzzle.”3. A recommendation based on your research, experience, and perspective that you developed in assessing this “puzzle;” what, ultimately, should be done in practice to help solve this puzzle.4. APA Format5. 3 pages length

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