“Stare Decisis” and the “Judicial System” Please respond to the following:Each year, the U.S. Supreme Court issues around 100 legal decisions. The decisions are final interpretations of the law because of the doctrine of Stare Decisis. Explain Stare Decisis and select two (2) U.S. Supreme Court decision issued in the past 5 years relating to the regulation of business and provide your thoughts on whether you agreed or disagreed with the opinion. DO NOT POST WORD FOR WORD A CASE – EXPLAIN THE CASES IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS SPECIFICALLY ON HOW IT RELATES TO THE REGULATION OF BUSINESS THEN, CITE YOUR LINK. Support your position and include your sources for information and cases.The brokerage firm of E. F. Hutton was charged with federal criminal violations of interstate funds transfers. In reviewing the case, the lawyers for the government discovered internal Memoranda from and between branch managers in several states that outline a process for check kiting (a literal stringing together of checks and deposits) that enabled E. F. Hutton to earn interest on phantom deposits.Where will the case be tried?Which court system?Which court? Why?What are the lawyers’ obligations with respect to the documents?What is the company’s obligation?Post a Pin that relates to the topic for the week. A Pin can be a link to a video or article that you found on the web.

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