*APA style essay, no more than 3 pages of written content, along with tittle page and reference page (abstract is not require)using your ideal role ( Food Service Restaurant is my ideal role) describe and explain the necessary skills and knowledge required or would be preferred for advancement in the field, from an entry level position to management (preferably to general manager, vice president, or director level). The writing should be outlined by job progression and you can refer to specific job postings from company or third party job sites, like hcareers.com for example.
This is additional information I shared last week:
The foodservice is a broad sector in hospitality that includes businesses and companies such as restaurants, cafeterias, catering services that provide meals outside the home. This sector comprises of many other portions like quick service restaurant, full-service restaurant, ethnic restaurant, an upscale casual restaurant. One of the strongest sector the foodservice segment is the catering services utilize by organizations and special events. The catering service offer customers the opportunity to eat at the same time, different to a restaurant service who are served separately. Drinking establishment sector comprises of wines bars, bars, cabarets, nightclubs, and pubs are also part of the foodservice segment. There are processes and stages involved in the food service industry. Food management involves the production of food, transportation, and storage. The food presentation to enhance the hospitality experience. Restaurant management a science taught in colleges to gain proper skills to manage a restaurant. In this sector, there are many courses associated with the food service industry and my main course according to my role is food production.
*Material: (Book) Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, 10th Edition.
*Online website can be use as reference.

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