1.Assess the five schedules of controlled substances and describe the methods used to store, control, and dispose of drugs. 2. Describe how to determine if a scheduling system is satisfying patient needs and is flexible enough for the practice. 3. Describe the first three steps the medical assistant should take if a record cannot be found. 4. Describe why an effective health care worker should be skilled at understanding human behavior. 5. Discuss various ways an appointment template can be used and techniques for scheduling appointments. 6. Explain five things the assistant should do when receiving a complaint from an angry caller. 7. Explain the functions of opening a medical office and preparing it for daily activities. 8. For insurance purposes, what should an abstract of a patient’s chart include? 9. List five items that might be included on a patient instruction form. 10. Why was the Patient’s Bill of Rights developed by the House of Delegates of the American Hospital Association?

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