200 words each. References under each answer before answering the next question. 1) do you think that military projects to raise Afghanistan from a fragile state to a developing state should have a broader timeline for Afghanistan? Also, the United Nations (UN) cannot deploy a UN peacekeeping operation (PKO) in Afghanistan while an internal conflict is ongoing. Do you think this is one reason that the Taliban has been enforced by transnational criminal networks in buying narcotics and selling weapons to aid in derailing a democratic Afghanistan?2) The intentions of why wars are started quickly blur when the men and women waging the war at the frontlines are faced with their own survival and gradually the reasons for the war shift. (Cole 2011). Why? http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy1.apus.edu/stable/10.2…3) Plato’s Republic remarks that societal improvement is made through conflict. Hegel noted that war is the continual maintenance of justice and ethics (Browning 2012). Are they both right?

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