“Consumer Behavior Blog Post –Can you spot any gorilla gurus or marshmallow mavens on Pinterest?” Please respond to the following:According to the textbook, a microculture is a group of people who share similar values and tastes that are subsumed within a larger culture. Go to Pinterest, and sign up for an account if you have not already done so (see “Pinterest 101” in the course shell for more details on creating an account). Look around the Website and observe the different microcultures that are represented, as well as the different consumer behavior activities taking place within the Website. This week, blog a response to the following question: How does Pinterest enable marketers to target different microcultures? Include specific examples that support your response. (Hint: See Chapter 9 in the textbook for more details.)Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.RESPOND TO THESE POSTS:Ramsey RE: Week 5 DiscussionCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345Let me start by saying that I love Pinterest!! The fact that I can browse basically from A to Z of unlimited items in one place is amazing!! And that I can pin it to a board that I design for later reference- plus share it with friends- what is not to love?? Looking on a friend or family members page is a great way for gift ideas too. Pinterest is my go-to for recipe ideas.My boards consist of several genres. I have several related to food, home decor, and animal-related things. Based on the pins or boards that I have that would easily place me in a microculture are the workout ones. A company could easily be able to market products or services to me based on the workout pins that I have. I’m surprised that Nike has not reached out and messaged me directly.AND THIS POST:Flowers RE: Week 5 DiscussionCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345Wow Pinterest is a great go to if you are looking for fashion. This is where I search for my outfit ideas most of the time.This is what is considered street microculture which consists of fashion, music and sport. Attracting people that embody the same type of style. Most of my Pinterest posts and pins are usually about vintage style fashion that I love. Pinterest allows a subculture of people to be able to search for the same styles and post and add their pins to share with others. When marketing on Pinterest, companies and brands that cater to sharing content as it relates to my search. Often times advertisers have posts running through out the results of your search that warrants you to click on them because they match what you are looking for style, color, sizing etc’. I have clicked on selections before with a particular outfit that took me to a company website like modcloth.com or even tracychambersvintage.com. The microculture is geared towards my search. Very crafty search and also convenient and beneficial to the consumer, while generating leads for product purchase.

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