1:Paul steals an expensive watch from the local jewelry store. He knows that Ken needs a watch. At the time Paul stole the watch, he intended to sell it to Ken. As he is leaving the jewelry store, he is apprehended by police. Paul begs for mercy. He states that he has an agreement to sell any watch that he may steal to Ken. The police tell Paul that if he cooperates, his sentence will be lighter. They give the watch back to Paul. Paul meets Ken and shows Ken the watch. Paul tells Ken the watch is stolen. Ken buys the watch. Could Ken be convicted of receiving stolen property? Is Paul guilty of larceny? Explain your reasoning.2:Based on the quotes in the handout, “Moley’s Wisdom and Insight Regarding Plea Bargains,” develop a list of pros and cons of Moley’s points. Share your list. Which is better for “separating the guilty from the innocent:” plea bargains or trials?3:Throughout this course, you have had access to unit study guides, reference sheets, note-taking guides, instructional videos, and learning aids. As we get closer to Unit VIII and the end of the course, how can you utilize these resources to start preparing for the comprehensive final exam? Next, describe your method for studying for exams.When responding to your classmates, provide a tip or suggestion to help him or her better understand and remember the material for the final exam.Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”4:Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has many new and improved features.What do you think is the most beneficial feature in PowerPoint 2016?Explain why, and give a brief description of how this might help you.5:What do you think was the greater appeal of the American colonies for migrants: freedom of religion or economic opportunity? Why?6:What is one recent news story that you have found illustrates the relationship between a business leader’s role and the success of his/her business? This may be a local news story.

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