1. I use the data from Google Analytics making a PowerPoint. Now need to provide TWO sentences on slide 7, 13, and 14 of highlights that describe what you are seeing happen with the data. Note that the following statement would not count as a highlight: March 2018 users rose. Your highlight needs to be more descriptive and provide the user reading the report an insight into what is driving the changes across their website. For example this provides a deeper look: March 2018 users experienced a 60% increase when compared to February, with the continued push of driving users through paid search.2. On the last slide, use this slide to provide closing statements on the report as a whole and
what you saw happen with the data. This slide could provide an overview of
the most important highlights of the report. You will need to provide 5
bullet points that are full sentences that focus on 5 separate items that are
happening access your report.

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