1-Toward the end of chapter 08, various propositions are discussed aimed at reducing violence in prison. Which of those would actually have the most impact on reducing violence in prison? 2- One of the serious issues faced by prisons today is the occurrence of boundary violations. What would you recommend in terms of policy to address this issue? 3- Generally, parole board members have been immune to lawsuits arising from “bad” release decisions (i.e., parolee commits a heinous crime while on parole). Do you believe they should be personally held liable for the decisions they make? Book: Clear R. T., Cole, F. G., Resig, D. M., & Petrosino, C. (2011). American Corrections inBrief. (ISBN: 9780495808657)I have an access to an e-book, please let me know if you need it so I provide you with the info to access it

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