1. Origins of the Cold War:o What agreements were made at Yalta at the beginning of 1945?o What impact did they have on the Cold War?o Who was George Kennan and how did his ideas shape US Cold War policy?o What was the Marshall Plan?o What was its impact on the Cold War?2. The Early Cold War:o What happened in Berlin in 1948? How did this impact the Cold War?o How was the Korean War an example of US Cold War policy?o How does the ‘Red Scare’ reflect the Cold War in America?3. Vietnam:o What is similar and different about the Vietnamese D of I, and the American D of I?http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1945vietnam.htm…http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/declare.aspo What charges does Ho Chi Minh make against the French and Japanese?o Are these similar to those of other independence leaders?o Why did the US decide to get involved in Vietnam?o Why was the war so difficult for American soldiers?o What was the Tet Offensive and how did it impact the Vietnam War at home and in Vietnam?4. End of Cold War and its After Effect:o What was the policy of détente? Why was it implemented? With what results?o How did President Reagan change the nature of the Cold War?o What was SDI, and how was it instrumental in ending the Cold War?o How did the Cold War end and why did it end this way?o What impact has the Cold War had on our world today?

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