1-hour presentation with the Instructor to be delivered in Unit 8. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of no less than 15 slides that summarizes your team effort and your proposed implementation. Discuss the following: A description of the innovation product or serviceTools used to develop, verify, and clarify the innovationTypes of customers expected, existing competitors; a paradigm change for Industry?Needs, wants, and desires it addressesA proposed strategy for ImplementationWhat resources are needed to make the innovation a realityA description of the value and benefit expected from the innovationTeam and personal learning.NOTE: In this class, I am the only student so I am a 1 person team.Textbooks:Title: The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume 2Authors: H. James Harrington and Frank VoehlTitle: The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume 3Authors: H. James Harrington and Frank VoehlISBN-13: 9781498760539ISBN-13: 9781498760515

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