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Legalizing Ring Fighting Clubs
Ring fighting is a sports activity that is practiced in many countries. Many people join
fighting as a hobby, career or adventure. The event requires the use of physical and mental
energy and involves a lot of skills. The debate on whether the undertaking should be legalized is
a heated one with various claims for and against. Ring fighting activities attract many merits both
in social, economic and health aspects of life. However, the demerits of the undertaking cannot
be ignored (Rudd et al. 368). Although there are both pros and cons associated with ring
fighting, the ring fighting clubs should be legalized as there are more benefits associated with
this sport.
Ring fighting is an activity that involves the use of energy and therefore medically it is an
excellent exercise to keep fit and reduce body cholesterol. As a result, the activity has been
identified as a solution for people fighting with obesity, stress and heart diseases. Additionally,
participating in the ring fights increases the general body fitness and minimizes the chance to
become obese (Morrissey et al. 453). In a situation that the participant is already overweight, the
exercise helps in the burning of excess fats and reduces general obesity. Ring fighting enhances
blood circulation in the body, and this makes the body feel more energetic as fat cells are broken
to provide energy to the body, this in return aids in burning calories resulting to weight loss. In
San Diego, a high population is classified as obese and underweight. “Obesity rates among
certain ethnic and racial populations in San Diego County are disproportionately high” (CDC Community Profile). Legalizing such vigorous activity would assist fight the prevailing
conditions and improve the general well-being of the people.
It should be noted that, ring fighting is not the only activities that can aid in observing
general body fitness. Additionally, fighting can be a dangerous activity especially for obese
people since it involves knocking each other down and punches. The exercise is a can cause
harm to the opponent since every participant uses all the energy to bring the competitor down
“Boxing can result in death and produces an alarming incidence of chronic brain injury” ( Rudd
et al., 368). Since it is a competition, most of the time the participants employ all their energy
into fighting the opponent, and this results in severe injuries. Due to this, many fighters have
been reported injured; some suffer series injuries that may last for long periods and others even
die in the exercise.
To protect the participants from harm, protective wears such as ring fight Pro Boxing
gloves can be used. The gloves go about as a pad to your hand, and they dislodge the region of
harm amid a well-disposed session. Headgears are also used in some occasions to offer
protection to the head during the fighting sessions; the headgear is a padded helmet that protects
the head against severe injuries that are likely to cause brain damage to ring fighting contestants.
When you battle in a protected situation, for example, ring fighting club, there are no foes. You
become more acquainted with your rivals and work with what they need so they can improve.
The individuals who are superior to average take it sufficiently pure for the adversary not to get
harmed but rather hard enough to rebuff the mix-ups that they may make (CDC – Community
Profile). This ensures that there are minimal or no severe injuries to the participants. This kind of
fighting game promotes social interactions and discourages street fights.
Ring boxing is entertainment, and a sport may help citizens of San Diego enjoy
participating both spectators and participants. Watching the participants engage in this game is
fun for the participants; as a result, the activity attracts a lot of people who pay money to watch
the sport. The fighters also earn a lot of money from the exercise, and this is a source of income
to the participants and revenue-generating activity for the government. Legalizing boxing and
including it in the list of sports will, therefore, increase the country’s revenue. The participants
also get to enjoy what they do, and besides it being an income generating activity, it is as well a
leisure time activity that they can engage in as a hobby.
To date, ring fighting is still considered a black market activity. This assumption is
because most people practice the sport in hazardous locations. Additionally, when people are
taught how to fight each other, in case of misunderstanding they can harm each other in the
streets “[However] [t]he business of boxing is brutal, and there’s tremendous infighting as the
men behind the boxers strive for market supremacy” ( Maschi and Daniel, 412). There have been
cases where participants took the activity as a war hence threw punches at each other like Rocky
leading to severe injuries which sometimes has resulted in disabilities. Furthermore, children
who watch boxing games tend to behave in such a manner that shows the behavior of violence.
Some children view the ring fighters as their role models and heroes and therefore copy their
fighting techniques in an effort to identify with them. Parents should not encourage their child to
watch such sports since most kids tend to copy everything they see. It is additionally crucial for
ring fighting media programs to be rated PG so that they do not influence the children into fights
and related behaviors.
Upon legalizing ring boxing activity by the local government, it is vital to incoorporate
regulations in the sport. Every sports activity is guided by laws and regulations which rebuke a
severe course of action is one break them. Participants who break the rules and regulations
should face strict disciplinary action including suspension or be expelled entirely from the game.
Stakeholder who benefits from the boxing activity will also enforce guidelines in practice.
Additionally, the participants should be taught the objectives of the game are not to knock your
rival down. For instance, Charlie Mohr is a very well manner boxer who does not delight in
finishing a match if it would hurt someone.
Ring fighting just like any other sport activity expands diversity and tolerance among
people. Many people utilize their leisure and free time practicing or watching boxing. It is an
entertaining activity which combines efforts and strategies. Therefore, this sports activity brings
people of different diversity together hence reducing rivalry among ethnic groups. It additionally
boosts friendship among the participants as it also molds them into better individuals and
enhances their confidence by raising to meet their opponents
Other people urge that boxing is a dangerous activity and should never be made legal.
They attribute this to many deaths reported in recent years. Most of the deaths were due to severe
brain injury and internal bleeding to professional fighters. However, I would urge on the contrary
opinion that, most experienced boxers are aware of the risks involved in the game (Maschi and
Daniel, 409). As a result, such people apply precaution while playing. Additionally, fighting is
not the only game that results to death of players. We have heard of footballers dying in the
soccer and others in the hockey game. The best point to note is that such cases are rear and some
techniques and practices can be employed to prevent such occurrences.
Due to the intensity of the ring fighting activity, one may not die in the field but might
develop severe injuries. Therefore, the professionals should be careful not to get to such a point
where their brains get injured. Proper training of the participants is crucial in avoiding such
revolting injuries. Several instances have been reported of boxers who have developed brain
damage. Most of them may not recognize but at the end of it all, every game done is additional
injury caused. The damage caused might occur rarely, but the experience is unpleasant.
After proper research on the benefits of boxing, it is clear that the benefits of ring fighting
outshine the shortcomings. The benefits range from good health to social and economic
enhancement. Individuals against the legalization of ring fighting only look at the activity from a
different perspective. The sport is good as any other and should be legalized and set of
regulations laid down for the participants. The significance of making this sports activity legal is
to give people a chance to participate in ring boxing and enjoy the health benefits that come with
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Surrounding Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts and Ways to Improve Combat
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Interpretation Essay Grading Rubric
Essay Component
Central Idea—The essay has a strong point/thesis
statement, which is clearly started early in the paper. The
paper has a clear preview of the points that will be used to
support the main claim. The main claim responds to the
chosen San Diego issue.
Support—The argument is sufficiently supported with
relevant citations from outside resources. Citations are
introduced and documented per MLA format. The
relevance of the support to the topic sentence and thesis
statement is explained. There are at least three outside
academic sources used throughout the essay. At least two of
those sources are academic peer reviewed articles and/or
Structure— The essay has a clear introduction, body
paragraphs with topic sentences that support the thesis
statement, and an effective conclusion, which reiterates the
main claim. Paragraphs follow academic structure.
Organization—Ideas are logically organized and follow a
clear pattern of development. Transitional statements are
used to connect ideas within and between paragraphs. The
paragraphs follow strong academic structure.
Mechanics—Correct MLA format and citations
used. Works Cited is complete an in MLA format. Limited
grammatical and proofreading errors throughout the
essay. The third person point of view is used throughout the
essay. The essay is at least 4 pages in length.
Overall Comments:

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